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Steady State is looking for a producer for “I Will Not Hatch!”

The Steady State Theatre Project is looking for an organized, smart, experienced PRODUCER for their upcoming production of I Will Not Hatch!, which will open on May 6 at the Berkeley Street Theatre, Upstairs.

Reporting to Steady State’s Company Producer, this individual will be responsible for:

  • Media Relations
    • Creating and distributing the press release
    • Creating and making the press kit available for all media
    • Inviting Media to the event
  • Advertising
    • Arranging all web and print ads (Facebook, Newspapers)
  • Front of House
    • Display
      • Collecting material
      • Printing display items
      • Putting together
    • Designing and printing the program
  • Fundraising Event – April 20th
    • Arranging food and drink (including securing a liquor license) for the event
    • Advertising the event
    • Arranging all necessary display for the evening
  • Hiring Production Personnel
    • Hiring a:
      • Set designer
      • Stage manager
    • Arranging contracts
  • Scheduling
    • Establishing production deadlines
    • Scheduling fundraiser and production days
  • Budgeting and Financial Accounting
    • Providing and tracking expenses and reimbursements
    • Reporting

Start Date: April 1

Pay: Profit share

Company Website:

All interested applicants should email a resume and cover letter to David Levine, Company Manager at by Friday, March 15 at 5pm.


2013 Steady State Participants!

We were so excited to receive loads of applications for this years programs and – after some lengthy deliberation – we’re happy to announce our participants for 2013!


  • Yolanda Ferrato
  • Andrew Gaboury
  • Laura Ann Harris
  • Alexandra Lean
  • Aaron Rothermund
  • Crystal Wood


  • Adam Bailey
  • Rain Chan
  • Natalie Fingerhut
  • Rachel Ganz
  • Alan Gordon
  • Taylor Marie Graham
  • Andrew McKechnie
  • Rob Salerno
  • Lara Stokes


  • Erin Fleck
  • David Levine
  • Liam Toshio Morris
  • Daniel Sadavoy



The Steady State Theatre Project is calling all Toronto playwrights and new play developers!

Scab Saga by Glyn Bowerman

Steady State is currently accepting applications for our two central programs:

  •  The Steady State Playwright’s Unit works on the development of new plays that are already in progress. The Unit involves regular group development meetings, monthly presentations and one-on-one dramaturgy. These plays are showcased as part of a Script Scrap, a week- long festival at the end of the spring.
  • The Steady State Writers’ Circle focuses on the initial development of new plays. The applying playwrights are expected to come forward with a starting point or an idea and the group works collaboratively on the expansion of these starting points into plays. After a six-month period, meeting twice a month, readings of excerpts from these plays-in-development are presented as part of Script Scrap in the spring.

   [Play] by Michael Bedford   Jiv Parasram

New play development through our program has resulted in the development of dozens of new plays – many of which have gone on to festival or professional productions. We provide an opportunity for selected applicants to take their work to the next level, whether that is a first draft, workshop, production or grant.

Space is limited for these programs and applications will only be accepted until November 20th at 10pm.

All interested applicants should submit (in PDF format):

  • A bio and resume
  • A letter of intent which outlines your play (for the Unit)
  • A letter of intent which outlines your idea (for the Circle)
  • A 5-page script sample (for the Unit)

For more information email us at

Next to Him by Jessica Moss     Doing Good by Alan Gordon

Thank You for Supporting I WILL NOT HATCH!

The Steady State Theatre Project has been working hard to prepare for our trip this summer to the Edmonton Fringe Festival. I Will Not Hatch! has ten actors in it and bringing a cast this size across the country is UNHEARD OF in the Fringe scene. As we close off our rehearsal process and prepare to hit the road, we’d like to thank those who have made this journey possible. Your support through our online campaign has been of great value to us and we can’t thank you enough… But here’s a start…


Jeremy Adams
Jan Bard

Colin Bruce Anthes

Gini Beaumont
Vicki Bedford
Amy Bowerman
Glenda Collings
Michael Collis
Owen Craig
Anne Drolet
Suzie Durocher
Andrew Haggith
Joel Heitin
Devorah and David Katz
Michael Kipper
Daniel Kishimoto
Ross Marchildon
Tristan Mula
Sabrina Pingle
Parent Productions
Vivian and Gerald Rabinovitch
Michael C Stephen
Sarah Thorpe
Tanya Turschic


Check out the Script Scrap tab for more details…


We’re holding auditions this weekend for Script Scrap!

We’re looking for a number of actors for readings and workshops that will be presented as part of Script Scrap – The Steady State Theatre Project’s four-day festival (June 6-9).

All interested applicants should email by Thursday, May 3rd. Please include a bio and headshot.

We hope to hear from you!

The Steady State Theatre Project has some exciting projects on the go…

Script Scrap

June 6-9

Free Times Café

Join us for this four-day festival as we celebrate the exciting development of brand new works! We’ll be featuring plays from the Steady State Playwright’s Unit (Adam Barrett, Glyn Bowerman, Erin Fleck, Alan Gordon, Taylor Graham, Liam Morris, Jessisca Moss and Lara Stokes) and readings from the Steady State Writers’ Cirlce (Michael Bedford, Laura Anne Harris, Alexandra Lean, Jiv Parasram, Daniel Sadavoy and Aaron Rothermund). An amazing music lineup, too! More information coming soon!


I Will Not Hatch!

Edmonton Fringe Festival

This ten-person play about fear, forgiveness and plane crashes with movement, music and some nudity is making its way to Edmonton! And don’t worry if you can’t make the 3500km trip to see the show – We’re having a one-night only performance in Toronto! Stay tuned!