Thank You for Supporting I WILL NOT HATCH!

The Steady State Theatre Project has been working hard to prepare for our trip this summer to the Edmonton Fringe Festival. I Will Not Hatch! has ten actors in it and bringing a cast this size across the country is UNHEARD OF in the Fringe scene. As we close off our rehearsal process and prepare to hit the road, we’d like to thank those who have made this journey possible. Your support through our online campaign has been of great value to us and we can’t thank you enough… But here’s a start…


Jeremy Adams
Jan Bard

Colin Bruce Anthes

Gini Beaumont
Vicki Bedford
Amy Bowerman
Glenda Collings
Michael Collis
Owen Craig
Anne Drolet
Suzie Durocher
Andrew Haggith
Joel Heitin
Devorah and David Katz
Michael Kipper
Daniel Kishimoto
Ross Marchildon
Tristan Mula
Sabrina Pingle
Parent Productions
Vivian and Gerald Rabinovitch
Michael C Stephen
Sarah Thorpe
Tanya Turschic

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