The Steady State Theatre Project has some exciting projects on the go…

Script Scrap

June 6-9

Free Times Café

Join us for this four-day festival as we celebrate the exciting development of brand new works! We’ll be featuring plays from the Steady State Playwright’s Unit (Adam Barrett, Glyn Bowerman, Erin Fleck, Alan Gordon, Taylor Graham, Liam Morris, Jessisca Moss and Lara Stokes) and readings from the Steady State Writers’ Cirlce (Michael Bedford, Laura Anne Harris, Alexandra Lean, Jiv Parasram, Daniel Sadavoy and Aaron Rothermund). An amazing music lineup, too! More information coming soon!


I Will Not Hatch!

Edmonton Fringe Festival

This ten-person play about fear, forgiveness and plane crashes with movement, music and some nudity is making its way to Edmonton! And don’t worry if you can’t make the 3500km trip to see the show – We’re having a one-night only performance in Toronto! Stay tuned!


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