I Will Not Scratch! – April 20


The Steady State Theatre Project is throwing a dance party as a fundraiser for their upcoming production I Will Not Hatch!

Join the cast and crew of Hatch with up and coming DJ, ‘Don’t Levack in Anger’ as they dance the night away to a mash-up of the kick ass hits of 1963 and 2013!

I Will Not Scratch!: 1963 Meets 2013 Dance Party
DJ – Don’t Levack in Anger
April 20
1630 Dundas Street West

Fundraiser for:
I Will Not Hatch!
May 7-11
Berkeley Street Theatre, Upstairs
Written and Directed by Maya Rabinovitch
Company Producer: David Levine
Producer: Christopher Douglas
Assistant Director: Sandra Crljenica
Lighting Designer: Courtney Pyke
Michael Bedford
Glyn Bowerman
Simon Esler
Erin Fleck
Laura Ann Harris
Kat Letwin
Duncan McCallum
Liam Morris
Kristina Schartmann
Jaclyn Zaltz

Don’t miss it!


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